How It Works - Organic Bag Delivery

Step 1- sign up!

You can sign up anytime and there are no commitments. We have an amazing system that allows you to customize every order. You can substitute items that you don't like, and you can add additional items to each order. You set a base schedule (weekly, every other week, or simply periodic) and you can update and customize your schedule up to 3 months in advance!  PLEASE NOTE, if you sign up for weekly service it is exactly that, a weekly service, so regardless of if you log in to your account a bag will be packed and delivered for you on delivery day. You can cancel a bag on a certain week any time - but you have to log in and do it.  If you want to have a bag only when you log in to your account please select 'periodic' and then we will only bring a bag when you log in and pick one.

Step 2- Your Order

The Friday/Saturday before your delivery we will send you an email to let you know that the organic bag for the following week is ready to review! You can then log in to your account and make substitutions and select any add-on items you are interested in for that week.  We offer add-ons from our farm products, other local certified and non-certified producers including artisanal breads, honey, coffee, cheese and specialty fruit and vegetables.

Step 3- Pick up!

On your designated delivery day, we'll bring your order to your home, office, or pick up location.

Step 4- Enjoy!

That's it! You'll be proud to have amazingly delicious produce, meat, and more in your kitchen. We appreciate your support and love that we can share our farm products as well as those of other local producers with you.

Have any questions? Shoot us an email at [email protected]

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