FAQ - Organic Bag Delivery

When do you deliver?

Depending on your community we deliver either on Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays.  When you sign up you will see what delivery options we offer in your community or area.

Is everything organic?

Everything in the bag is certified organic, and all of our farm products are as well.  We also include products from local producers and artisans, many of which are certified and some which are not.  We clearly note any products which we offer for sale that are not certified organic.

How do I pay? Do you accept cash or cheques?

We accept Interac e-transfers (please send these to happypigorganicfarm at gmail.com),  cash, and cheques. Payment is due on the day of your delivery.  We ask that new customers pay prior to delivery day as we have had a problem with folks not showing up to pick up their bags.  Putting this all together is not easy and we don't want to be packing bags for folks who don't really want them.

If you are paying with interac e-transfer please send to the email address noted directly above, and if you can make the password 'organic' it makes things easy for us rather than hunting for passwords every week.


Where do I tell you what produce I like and don't like?

Log in to your account and click on 'Favorites' on the side menu. We've developed a super simple, totally awesome way for you to tell us your likes. Then when we create your order for the next delivery, we look at that list and make adjustments to your menu so there's nothing on it that you don't like.

Can I give the bag back to you?

You bet !  We try to reuse or recycle everything possible, so please bring your bag out for us on your next delivery day.  We charge $2.00 to replace a bag.

How are we different than other delivery/drop off services?

We are a family owned & operated certified organic mixed livestock farm.   We source not only from distributor importers (for citrus fruits and out of season vegetables) but directly from local, BC, or Canadian farmers.  We do our best to support and promote other local certified and non-certified producers, and are buying Fairtrade whenever it is an option.  If you are a producer in or near any of the communities that we service and are a certified organic (or farm without chemicals) we would love to hear from you!

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