About Our Farm

Our farm is located on 320 acres in the Bulkley Valley near Smithers, BC.

We raise our animals on fresh green pasture in season and in the winter our animals spend their time in airy well lit structures with plenty of straw for warmth. The entire farm is certified organic and we produce only products which meet or exceed the Canadian Organic Regulations.

Our animals exercise their natural instincts to root, scratch, peck and run!  Our chickens moult rather than being replaced with new hens, our sows wean their piglets at 10-14 weeks instead of forcefully separating them at four weeks.

No chemical fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides or pharmaceuticals are used in the raising of our animals, crops, forage or the grains which comprise a portion of the pigs diet.

If you are looking for tasty pork, beef, chicken, turkey or eggs that are free from the 'inputs' associated with conventional farming you have found the right place. Organic farming is the natural way to grow! 

In addition to our meat sales we also offer a weekly certified organic fruit and vegetable delivery service between Prince George and Prince Rupert.  All organic bag items are certified organic, and we favour local, BC, and Canadian products over imports when they are available, for imported products we select fairtrade certified when available.  We are organic farmers working with other organic farmers to bring you the best quality foods at an affordable price.


How it all started

In 2008 we decided as a family that we needed to have some control over the food that we were eating and how it was being raised, grown and processed.  There are plenty of books (Omnivores Dilemma, In Defense of Food, Joel Salatin's series) and movies (Food Inc., The Big Squeeze, Fast Food Nation, Gasland I & II, Food Matters) which detail the fragile state of the developed worlds food supply system.

We started with chickens and pigs, and are now also raising turkeys, laying hens, milk & meat cows, sheep, and alpacas.

The more you start to question where your food is coming from, who is producing it, how they are doing it, and what does and what does not go into the production of that food, the more you see the benefits of organic farming.

Organic certification and the requirement of regular third party oversight will give the consumers of our products peacce of mind that we are operating our farm with the minimum impact on our environment and with maximum care for the health and happiness of the animals we raise.  

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